“Just do it” – a reminder to myself to stop thinking too much that I get nowhere. I’ve changed the typography, the sizing of pictures, the colour scheme, and re-organized my layout design more times than I can count. Still, I am not entirely satisfied with it.

With the typography, I manually modified every text starting from the blog title to the comment box below using Easy Google Fonts, a plug-in I installed, and CSS. I wanted the typography of my blog title to be clean and structured and the text of my content to be easy on the eye but nothing like Arial, so I chose three different types that complemented one another in style to distinguish between the main menu, the secondary functions like title of blog posts and titles under “Archives” and “Categories”, and the content of blog posts. I’ve also installed Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, a plug-in that allows me to observe statistics regarding the visitors to my website. Since two of the aspects my blog focuses on are aesthetics and photography, my photos are enlarged so that they supplement the texts to offer readers a visualization of what it is conveyed and add to the visual appearance of my site. I chose “Hemingway” as the theme for my blog because it displays a fresh look, and accordingly, selected the dominant colour scheme of blue, grey, and pastel pink to reflect a pleasant summer day.

The feel of my blog is starting to match my vision board, but now to make it consistent will be a challenge. It can be time-consuming and frustrating at times; however, I am eager to personalize this space and make it personal for others as well. Here’s to making dreams come alive on this platform!