I recently found this journal entry I wrote before I left for my exchange to Australia:

I left Canada with a lot of questions on my mind, hoping to somehow find the answers  in Australia. Lost at the age of 22, I had an inkling that flying across the world on my own and facing the anxiety of being lost itself would do something. And that’s okay I think. It’s okay to “start over” sometimes and be built up again in a fresh way. Here is a list of questions I hope to be answered by the time I come back:

 Having been around familiar groups of people most of my life, I want to know who I am without referring to other peoples’ preconception of me. What characteristics do I have?
 How do I make friends? How do people perceive me as a person/friend?
 What am I passionate about (so I can have some direction of what I want to do after graduation…)?
 Can I face and overcome challenges on my own?
 What does it mean to be alone but not lonely?
 What does it mean to be free? / What does “freedom in God” mean?
 Where do I belong?
 What do I value?
 What is the other side of the world like?!
 How do Australians communicate and interact with one another?

I am so stoked to have a meaningful time here in Oz!

These are questions I will be reflecting on in my upcoming posts.